Art Tea on Tour – Sheffield

The Art Tea team worked with The River Stewardship Company to plan the third event.  The River Stewardship Company looks after the waterways in Sheffield.  Their volunteers help remove litter from the water.  The Art Tea-ers teamed up with them on one of their litter picking days, to create an artwork with their rubbish!

The Art Tea Team set up underneath a tall cantilevered building, where the River Sheaf and the River Don meet.  The site is really interesting in lots of ways, though if you were to take a photo, you wouldn’t automatically see why!  In the same way, you often don’t SEE the interest in rubbish immediately (even though it’s definitely there!).  The team wanted this artwork, to be about taking time to NOTICE and LOOK at stuff that gets overlooked. So…

They asked people to choose a piece of see-through rubbish.

Participants then looked through it until it framed something interesting to them.

Then they traced what they saw, and added colour by collaging with other found  scraps.