Art Tea on Tour – Wirksworth

It all started from one, out of the blue comment at one Thursday night Art Tea! ’Don’t let reality get the better of you!’  This sparked a conversation about how, the ‘reality’ of one place can vary so much for different people.  It sparked a conversation about how powerful your imagination is in creating your own reality.

The Art Tea team thought this was a very empowering concept:  People’s own imagination shapes how they see the world and a great theme for our first Art Tea on Tour artwork.  It fit’s in perfectly with the Bower Wirks ideals:  Imagination is key to getting more creative solutions to rubbish!

First of all, visitors to ‘The Bower Wirks’ drew the view of the street outside, onto perspex squares, (the perspex was re-used from a previous project)  At Anthony Gell School, year 8 students helped by collecting loads of waste from businesses in the town.  The year 8’s then used the waste to collage an alternative reality onto the underside of the perspex drawings.  This completed the first side of the artwork.

Placed upside-down, the carefully arranged fragments of Wirksworth’s waste, that formed the underside of this artwork, sparked the imaginations of more visitors to ‘The Bower Wirks’ who saw creatures and creations in the scraps.  They added another layer of drawings (again on re-used perspex) to create a very different Wirksworth on the other side of the artwork!

The artwork was so popular that the team sold prints (Recycled off course) to parents and teachers.  The students will be able to choose how to spend their profits